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Incheon Tour
Yeongong Bridge Incheon Bridge Wangsan Marina Incheon International Airport Ganghwa Luge Songdo Central Park Wolmido Island Gyodong Daeryong Market China Town Incheon Open Port Museum Pyeongridangil Street Cheongna Lake Park Gyeongin Ara Waterway
  • Gyodong Daeryong Market

    Enjoy a retro ‘60s and ‘70s atmosphere in an old traditional market of Gwanghwado Island

  • Ganghwa Luge

    The longest & the most breathtaking luge course in Asia

    A vintage café repurposed from a textile factory

    Generous, bountiful & mouthwatering table of Korean food

    Ganghwa Chojijin Fortress, the historic background of Korean TV series “Mr. Sunshine”

  • Gyeongin Ara Waterway


  • Cheongna Lake Park

    The beautiful filming location of Korean drama Guardian (or “Goblins”), which helps visitors connect with nature & recharge

  • Yeongong Bridge

    Yeongjongdo Beach is where Hyun Bin made an emergency landing in “Crash Landing on You”

  • Incheon International Airport


  • Wangsan Marina


  • Incheon Bridge


  • China Town

    - One of the favorite filming locations of K-Culture shows & the origin of Korean Wave!

    Jayu Park, the first Western-style park in Korea

    Songwoldong Donghwa Village, a fairy-tale place where you can take memorable pictures!

  • Wolmido Island

    A romantic island that helped Korean actor Song Joong-ki rise to stardom!

  • Incheon Open Port Museum

    Explore the modern heritage of Incheon with historic & cultural places around Incheon Open Port!

  • Songdo Central Park

    Songdo Central Park gives you a glimpse into the future of K-culture

  • Pyeongridangil Street

    A hot place for hipsters

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Incheon tour